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The Prayer Coordinator plans and oversees special prayer events held within the Nevada-Utah Conference.  A weekly prayer session is held in the Conference office every Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. 


If you wish to submit a prayer request, you may:


  • Confidentially email, call, or use the Prayer Request Form (in the left column of this page) to send your prayer request to the Prayer Ministries Coordinator or his assistant.

  • Use the form at the left to confidentially share your request with the Prayer Chain partners.

  • Use the form at the left to post your request on our web site for everyone to join in prayer.




How to Contact Us:


Submit a Prayer Request by using the form (in the left margin of this page)


Prayer Ministries Department

PO Box 10730 (89510)
1095 East Taylor Street 
Reno, NV  89502

Phone (775) 322-6929
Fax: (775) 954-0005




David Solomon Hall, Sr.
Prayer Ministries Dept. Coordinator
Phone ext. 14
Email: DHall@NevadaUtah.org





Fanga Finau
Administrative Assistant
Phone ext. 10
Email: HFinau@NevadaUtah.org